Sunday, August 17, 2008

Something else in the works...

My first memory is the image of a coward

Hovering over an innocent child.

Indulging in the corrupt power

Of controlling whether or not I smile.

As my body grew in inches my heart grew in hate.

Your random acts of kindness were too few and too late.

Your devilish ways left my surface hard and cold.

Underneath the scar tissue lies a tender lost soul.


Burning me down every time you got heated.

Like you feeling wrong meant I should be beaten.

I’m sick of being burned and I’ve got too many scars

It’s time you let your hatred take its toll on your own heart


An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind

But your cruelty doesn’t need any eyes

I’ve got four other senses that make me hate you

Blinding me doesn’t mean that we’re through


Every night in my dreams I can see you perfectly

Burning in your own fire courtesy of me


The most devious of devils feeds off the innocent.

They call them ignorant cause they haven’t seen shit yet.

 I’ll change your shallow minds like a remote control

I know all the devils and the angels so…

Watcha gonna do when you’re all out of perspective?

I betcha life’s bout to get real hectic!

Something in the works...

I conquer differences with the same goal.

You get nowhere by dividing the load.

We can work together,- you push, I’ll pull.

Gotta carry some weight cause I can’t do it alone.


Race is a matter more than skin deep.

The prejudice we feel in our hearts we keep.

If we don’t plant the seeds we’ll have nothing to reap.

Stray away from your herds people! We ain’t sheep!


Hatred ingrains in the brain and survives generations.

It dwells in your conscience and takes no vacations.

Like a scratched record that skips and repeats

And got us all dancing crazy to the broken beat


I’m fighting for something that’s bigger than me

You can take my telephone and my cable TV

And give me my freedom and show me peace

I’m sick of the hatred and sick of the greed

I’ve got my virtue and that’s all I need

Burning Bridges

How much of this web is left to untangle?

How many more demons do I have to strangle?

I know I messed up but I’m over it now.

It’s hard to forget but please forgive me, somehow.

I made all the trouble I could possibly make.

I’m a million pieces with nothing left to break.

If you pick up what’s broken and give me some glue,

I’ll put myself together and come back to you.

Junkie's Promise

Abstinence allocates addiction.

Boredom begs for confliction.

Corruption craves consequences.

Dirty devil dances to destroy dreams;

Eats our freedom; feeds off fiends.

God Hate the Innocent.

Ignoring ignites ignorance.

Junkies jerk juice likes it’s jell-o.

Kings kill kids over a kilo.

Listen to the longing that leaks from their lies.

Madmen marvel masks of martyr.

Nefarious necessities override priority.

Paranoia paralyzes peace and questions he quiet.

Requiem for relief;

Something sinister speaks,

Silently seducing the truth underground.

Victim vs. villain vs. vice.

Whose gonna win the fight?

a small and dirty time

Being a victim takes the sheen away from villainy.

Memories of the ordeal still hurt me, physically.

Innocuous days of mayhem; I feel it churning yet.

Evil I discovered; help me to forget.

A little girl shouldn’t be dragged from her house by someone who hates her!

Nor be forced to hear the language of the unloved!

Nor be jiggled in the laps of perverts!

Little girls shouldn’t be told, “We’ll take you home now,

But we’ll be back…

…We’re right outside your window.”

Here’s an admonition to the mind-sick:

Be careful whom you choose to hate.

The small and vulnerable own a protection great enough.

“Beware of those who reside beneath the shadow of the Wings.”

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

What's on My Mind?

There are some things I just can't stand. I hate rules, our government, wars, the LRA, people who are mean to animals, and just mean people in general. I just don't understand what drives someone to be cruel. Everywhere I turn there's someone complaining about something or picking on someone or just being hateful in general. Why is there so much focus on negative things? It's just as easy to talk about something you like as it is to complain about something you hate. I think if everyone made an effort to have a positive mindset the world would be a much better place. People focus too much on what they don't like about someone or something. I wonder what would happen if people were forced to find a common ground with everyone. Maybe we would realize we're not so different from our enemies. We could learn so much more if we didn't judge people by their differences. Every time you learn something, it's because you were exposed to something different and new. If we were always open to change we would probably be a lot smarter. Something I've never understood is why some people are so threatened by the unfamiliar. I understand that things unknown can be scary; but who wants to live a life of sameness. I don't believe in heaven or hell or even God for that matter. I think when we die that's it. My belief is that we each only get one life, so why not live it as our own. Our time on earth is limited. Maybe some people are content with living a simple life of conformity, and that's ok too. What's not is when the mass of conformists force their way of living on those who choose to be different. Everyone views the world from their own point of view. Whether we like it or not we'll never be able to have another perspective. This being true, I don't see how we could ever have just one way of living; or two ways of living, or a hundred. There's a way of living for every living creature. We can't possibly successfully class off the world into a number of groups and force them to live uniformly under a government.